SchooLink Parent App


To facilitate another better communication between parents and school, we are going to launch a new phone app “SchooLink Parent App” this year, which will provide you with instant messages, school announcements, attendance records, homework list and school calendar etc.

  • Link to attendance and payment management system
    • Parents can check the attendance time records and homework list of children
    • Parents can check the ePayment records and their children’s payment account balance
  • Issue school information
    • Parents are able to check the School Information, Special Announcement, receive Push Message so as to keep track of the latest news of their children’s school.
  • Platform synchronization calendar Table
    • Synchronous with the SchooLink platform calendar and use different colors to distinguish school holidays, public holidays, school activates, group activates etc.

For any enquiries, please contact Mr. Patrick NG at 2712 1270.

For technical problems such as installation and use, please contact technicians directly.
Ms. Carmen LIEN at 2712 1270 (Sheung Heung Campus)
Mr. Desmond LAU at 2755 7799 (Farm Road Campus)

In order to simplify the payment process, the school will use the new electronic payment system for fees collection in school year 2021-2022. Details are as follows:
Using the electronic payment system, the following benefits can be achieved:
Learning aspect
  • Minimize time spent on collecting fees in class.
  • Reduce teachers’ administrative workload so that more time can be spent on students’ learning.
Student aspect
  • Avoid students carrying large amounts of cash to school or any loss.
Parental aspect
  • Convenient to pay school miscellaneous fees and no need to prepare cheques or cash payment each time.
  • Easy login to the “SchooLink Parent App” or the Schoolink platform at any time to check the payment history of the Student Electronic Payment System Account.

Parents’ User Guide of ePayment Module

Guidelines for Checking ePayment Record (ePayment account balance and transaction records)

For any enquiries, please contact Mr. Patrick NG at 2712 1270.