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Greetings from LMCites! Welcome to visit Po Leung Kuk Lam Man Chan English Primary School’s website! The School has come to her 9th year and the renovation of campuses has pleasantly marked the milestone of a new term. With the unlimited support from stakeholders and the industrious effort paid by Po Leung Kuk, Guests, teachers, staff, students and friends, the School received excellent results and became more popular from the parents in our district and the society. On behalf of all LMCites, let me present my heartfelt gratitude to you all. Po Leung Kuk Lam Man Chan English Primary School is all LMCites’ second home. Students come from different countries around the world, with different cultures and speak different languages. We emphasise “We are ONE family, One Team, One Mind”, we exhibit every single person’s talent with love in all corners of this second home. We strongly believe that the concept of “WE” by putting ourselves into each other’s shoes, we can learn how to treat others as well as ourselves. Eventually, we can create a culture of care and respect! Until now, there are 31 different nationalities among the LMCites. We come from different countries but share the same school life. We are exposed to different cultures and learn to act locally and think globally as we grow up. Besides focusing on the language acquisition, we also develop students’ multi-intelligence, and so we provide various extra-curricular activities, such as Art Alive, roller skating, ice hockey, English debate, school choir and student ambassador and so forth. The society we stay are changing rapidly every day and now it weighs the skills of collaboration and communication higher than ever. Through the curriculum and school life, we wish LMCites care about their own welfare and also enrich their global vision, they can think in different perspectives and judge right from wrong. They can adopt a positive attitude and be vigorous and achieve the educational aims of whole personal development and lifelong learning. School is the institute for pursuing wisdom, knowledge and truth, her development is a process of sustainability and to perfection. Hence, I have faith that with the leadership from Po Leung Kuk and clear school-based goal setting, every members of the school will be united as one. We put heads together so as to get better results. We optimise our curriculum with own distinguishing features to flourish our student LMCites’ strengths. Together we can grow with the times and build a brighter future.

To make our objectives clearer, let me summarise the main aims of our curriculum:
Enhance students’ language proficiency;
Provide multicultural education;
Cultivate and maximize students’ potential.

I strongly believe that, with your support and the support of PLK and the EDB, we will be able to develop the talents of every child in our school. Please remember that parents and teachers are members of a team, so if you have any suggestions, please come and see me. Let us work together to give our children the best possible start in life.

Thank you very much!


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