School Support


Student growth:

Caring Angels

Caring Angels are students whose primary goal is to care for others in the school and help build a loving and caring school environment. Other than being helpers in school events, Caring Angels also visit senior homes and other people in need. It is the pride of Caring Angels to devote themselves to help others and pass the spirit onto others.

Whole-person Development Lessons

Based on the guidelines on Personal Growth Education set by Education Bureau, the school has developed an education program that talks about the four aspects of student growth: personal, social, academic and career. The program allows the students to gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes about student growth. The lessons about taught by the school social workers.

Understanding Adolescent Project (Primary)

This project is a comprehensive support program for personal growth. It aims at enhancing primary students’ resilience in coping with challenges they have to face as they grow up. The project includes a series of group activities, training camps and volunteering activities, aiming at helping students acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes when facing adversities. Students generally can make progress in anger management, conflict resolution, goal setting and interpersonal relationship. Both parents and teachers considered that the project could enhance students’ optimism, sense of belonging towards their families and schools, communication skills and cooperation with others.

Counseling Services

If needed, the school would provide counseling services and refer students to suitable professional services. Education psychologists of the school would do related assessments on students and design Individual Educational Plan accordingly.