Chinese (for Non-Chinese Students)


Aims of the Subject :

  • Improve students’ ” interpersonal communication skills” and know some basic Chinese words.
  • Get the structure of Chinese characters, learn concepts such as components and radicals, improve the ability of reading and writing .
  • Improve students’ interest of this major and the ability of self-study.
  • Improve students’ interest of reading, increase their reading volume, garner knowledge information , widen their horizons.
  • Experience Chinese culture, learn more about Hong Kong’s folk culture,blend into community society.
  • Develop good morals and strengthen responsibility of community.

本科團隊 Members of the Subject:



黃嘉茵副校長 Ms. Daisy Wong


農圃道校舍Farm Road Campus:

申龍主任 Ms. Cassie Shen

上鄉道校舍Sheung Heung Road Campus:

陳姍姍老師 Ms. Samantha Chen

科任老師Subject Teachers


農圃道校舍Farm Road Campus:


Ms. Daisy Wong, Ms. Cassie Shen, Ms.Gretchen Gao, Ms Joan Cheung, Ms.Alice Chan, Ms.Lucita Liu

上鄉道校舍Sheung Heung Road Campus:


Ms.Samantha Chen, Ms. Grace Tu, Ms. Renda Chan

Major Activities of the Subject- School activities

Achievement of the Subject

  • 2019-2020 非華語學生中文寫作比賽—榮獲小四組季軍1人、小六組季軍1人

 2019-2020 Chinese Writing Competition for Non-Chinese Speaking

 1 third runner-up in the Primary 4 Group

1 third runner-up in the Primary 6 Group

  • 2020-2021全港親子普通話朗誦比賽—非華語組冠軍1人、亞軍1人、季軍1人、殿軍1人

2020-2021 Hong Kong Parent-Child Mandarin Recitation Competition,non-Chinese language category

1 champion,  1 runner-up, 1third place, 1 forth

  • 2021/22 非華語學生中文才藝比賽:


  • 「九龍西區飛躍非華語小學生中文學習獎勵計劃」2020/21—中文傑出表現獎4人、飛躍進步獎1人

"West Kowloon Feiyue Chinese Learning Award for Non-Chinese Speaking Primary Students" 2020/21

 4 Chinese Outstanding Performance Award   

  • 「九龍西區飛躍非華語小學生中文學習獎勵計劃」2021/22—中文傑出表現獎39人、飛躍進步獎9人

"West Kowloon Feiyue Chinese Learning Award for Non-Chinese Speaking Primary Students" 2020/21

39 Chinese Outstanding Performance Award   

9 Feiyue Progress Award


Summary of support for non-Chinese speaking students to learn Chinese and construct an inclusive campus 

Education Support Provided for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Student(s) School Support Summary for the 2022/23 School Year

Catering for Learner Diversity

From 1 to 6 grades, students use school-based courses, which is close to daily life, comprehensively improve students’ ability of listening, speaking, reading, writing .

After-school tutoring classes is available for 2 to 5 grades.

In lunch time , there are Chinese activities for non-Chinese speaking students.

Online Learning Resources of the Subject

The vocabulary list for primary schools in Hong Kong: