School Motto: “Love, Respect, Diligence and Integrity”

School Vision and Mission:

Adhering to the educational policies of the government and the guiding principles of Po Leung Kuk, we are committed to provide an excellent English-rich learning environment with an emphasis on the school’s vision and missions and core values. Our motto is “Love, Respect, Diligence and Honesty”. Together with "Cognitive, Aesthetic, Social, Physical and Moral development", and the multicultural ethos founded on the core ideas “Stand as One, Make a Difference” and “One Team, One Mind, We Care, We respect”, we aim to nurture the morality of our students and foster the value of being LMCites with pride, as the basis of a whole-person education of love and caring.


School Goals:

1. Develop a steady and stable DSS school;

2. Reinforce student’s capacity for independent learning as well as bi-literacy and bi-lingualism ;

3. Provide students with opportunities for success and help students to think logically and creatively;

4. Emphasize moral education in the areas of respect, equality and love. Strive for the effective building up of values for a healthy life;

5. Develop students’ cultural awareness and build up an international perspective under the umbrella of multiculturalism, by exposing students to different cultures and teach them to act locally and think globally.


Core Values of Education:

Every individual in the school is a LMCite and we share common slogans of“Stand as One, Make a Difference”and“One Team, One Mind, We Care, We Respect.”. Students come from countries around the world with different cultures and speak different languages. With English as a predominant language in the school, the school provides an optimum place to nurture students to be all-rounded.

Language: Education towards bi-literacy and bi-lingualism

We aim to provide a bilingual, bi-literate learning environment with an emphasis on English. We have recruited native English and Putonghua-speaking teachers to teach and oversee our language curriculum. All classes are taught in English, with the exception of Chinese, which is taught principally in Putonghua. Furthermore, notices, signs and labels around the school are written in both English and Chinese, and a wide range of English and Chinese readers and reference books are available. In this way, we hope to help children develop their familiarities with English and Putonghua and maximize their use of these important languages at this vital, early stage of their education.

Moral: Respect for different cultures

Our staff and students come from many different parts of the world and we mix in an atmosphere of equality, friendship and mutual respect. As we learn and grow together, we come to better understanding of each others’ cultures. In this way students can think globally and act locally. We mark, and learn about, the holidays and festivals of different religions and countries in their seasons in order to better understand our neighbors’ beliefs and customs.


Learn to control our body, our sense and our mind; Optimization of physical, musical and arts education
We pay close attention to students’ discipline and aim to cultivate a healthy school life, a vigorous, positive moral attitude and self-management. We also purse a “multi-faceted” or “multi-intelligence” approach to education, encouraging development in the creative art, physical education and music, as well as academic subjects. In addition, we promote extra-curricular activities, including Art Alive, Hip-hop dance, School Choir, Golf and Taekwondo. Furthermore, we have a weekly Multi-intelligence class in which students can experiment with new potential interests, such as origami, cartooning, cooking, drumming or drama.


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