• To develop creativity and the ability to appreciate music, and to effectively communicate through music.
  • To nurture aesthetic sensitivity and cultural understandings.
  • To develop music skills, construct knowledge in music, and cultivate positive values and attitudes.
  • To gain enjoyment and satisfaction through participating in musical activities.
  • To pursue a life-long interest in and the valuing of music.

Members of the Subject :


Mr. Penny PO


Ms. Khristayle Joy TAN

Subject Teachers


Farm Road Campus :

Ms. Daisy WONG, Ms. Kitty CHENG, Ms. Gloria SO, Ms. Loukas QIAN

Sheung Heung Road Campus:

Mr. Penny PO, Ms. Khristayle Joy TAN

Achievement of the Subject:

Name of competition


Joint-Schools Music Competition (JSMA) 2023

Gold Award – School Choir, Pop Singing Team, Harmonica Team

Silver Award – String Ensemble, Hand Chimes Team,

Singing Fantasy, Pop Band

75th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival

1.     Gold Award

2nd Place – Oboe solo - 5C HUI Sum Lok Chloe

2.     Silver Award

2nd Place – Piano Grade 5 - 6A Lam Hau Yin

3rd Place – Piano Grade 4 - 3B Chu Alex

3rd Place – Piano Grade 1 - 1B Yu Chiu On

-  2B Wong Ching Hei

3.     Gold Award x 1

4.     Silver Award x 30

5.     Bronze Award x 14



小學合唱團 - 初級組 - 銀獎

The 7th Hong Kong Youth Cup International Music Contest

Oboe Solo - P.3-P.4 – Champion

5C HUI Sum Lok Chloe

Hong Kong Music Talent Award 2022

Double Reed Category - Primary School Junior Class - Second Prize

5C HUI Sum Lok Chloe


小學高級組- 木管樂 - 冠軍

5C HUI Sum Lok Chloe

The Inter-School International Performance Challenge 2022

Acoustic Guitar - aged 9-11 – Champion

6D CHU Tak Him

The 25th International Children and Youth Competitions

Strings Group F - 1st Runner-up

6D CHU Tak Him


5級古典結他比賽 - 季軍

6D CHU Tak Him

2022 Hong Kong Outstanding Children Music Contest - String Instruments

Primary P5-P6 – Champion

6C YIP Tsz Long

Asia-Pacific Competition

Orchestral Solo Gold - Guitar Senior Primary age 9-11

6C YIP Tsz Long

Hong Kong Inter-School Choral Festival 2023

Competition cum Masterclass - Junior Primary - Silver Award

Competition cum Masterclass - Senior Primary - Silver Award

Joint-Schools Music Competition 2023

Primary School String (Guitar) Solo - Intermediate

6C YIP Tsz Long

2023 International Youth Talent Musician Competition

Wind Instrument (P.1-P.6 group) - Gold Award

Wind Instrument (P.1-P.6 group) - The Winner

5C HUI Sum Lok Chloe

The 8th Hong Kong Youth Cup International Music Contest

Oboe Solo (P.5-P.6) – Champion

5C HUI Sum Lok Chloe

34th International Children and Youth Winds Competition

Group F Junior – Champion

5C HUI Sum Lok Chloe

Wien 2022 International Young Musicians Music Competition

Violin Solo 2nd Place

Violin Preliminary 2nd Place

少年小提琴演奏家組 - 金獎

少年小提琴演奏家組 - 亞軍

5D YAU Chit Bogdan

Music @e-Contest 2022

Category C age 9-11 Violin – Distinction

5D YAU Chit Bogdan

The 16th International Talent Competition


高小組 西樂 大提琴 獨奏  - 銀奬

5A Lau Chit Ting

The 8th Hong Kong Youth Cup International Music Contest

鋼琴:六級組 - 銀獎

6D KOO Corrine Kayuet

Children Music Competition - Piano 2023

Children Senior (Age9-11) – Champion

6D KOO Corrine Kayuet

Hong Kong Youth & Children Music Competition 2023


Symphonic Group (Senior Primary) - Oboe - Champion

5C HUI Sum Lok Chloe

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