Whole Person Development

Aims of the Subject:

The W.P.D. curriculum aims to enable students:

  • To explore individual potential, develop their healthy self-concept, as well as take a positive attitude towards the challenges in life and effectively solve their problems
  • To promote social development and build up a good interpersonal relationship
  • To develop a diligent and proactive learning attitude and master various learning skills, thus preparing them for life-long learning
  • To cultivate a proactive attitude towards work and acquire career information and the required skills to lay down the foundation for future career development

Members of the Subject:

Panels Farm Road Campus:
Ms. Checkie LEE

Sheung Heung Campus:
Ms. Renda CHAN

Social Workers Farm Road Campus:
Ms. Alisah WONG

Sheung Heung Campus:
Mr. Flow CHAN

Subject Teachers Farm Road Campus:
Ms. Ginny CHUI, Ms. Iris Wan, Ms. Fyan IU

Sheung Heung Campus:
Ms. Jasmine LAM, Ms. Irene CHEN, Ms. Candy CHAN,
Ms. Samantha CHEN, Ms. Joey LAI

Monthly Topics




Love, Care, Respect

Care for Others



Life Education



Major Activities of the Subject:



情緒親子樂園 Bank of China – Centenary Charity Program
Anti-war and Giraffe Language Schemes Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light

Students’ appreciation to school.

Experiential game to understand what is stress.

Concluding the whole year learning objectives through IT tools.

WPD teachers