General Studies Project

General Studies Project

Living Green@Campus

Po Leung Kuk Lam Man Chan English Primary School always upholds the belief of “Conserve Energy,Reduces the Pollutant” and carries out the Environmental friendly drive. The School passes the Environmental friendly message to students and staff through our curriculum and administrative work, such as purchasing the ECO friendly products and organizing various kinds of educational events, and thus we have created an excellent Green environment.

The School has sponsored by Environment and Conservation Fund and Environmental Control Board since 2010, we changed and furnishedthe following Environmental friendly facilities:

  • Purchased a micro-wind power generator system;
  • Installed Solar Photovoltaic System;
  • Installed solar window films in all classrooms;
  • Coated the campus roof with an insulating coating;
  • Changed the air-conditioners of old model into the energy saving model;
  • Changed all lights in the campus into T5 energy saving lights;

Purchased and used food waste processors to teach students how to turn food waste into organic fertilizers which can be used in the gardening of campus, successfully recycled wastes and regenerated them to useful goods.

Dress Green Day (Farm Road campus) (2013)

Dress Green Day (Sheung Heung Road campus) (2013)

Photovoltaics solar system (2012)

Micro wind power system (2012)

Environmental model with recycle materials (2011)

ICT award (gold) (2011)

Cheese smiley face (2010)

Food waste management (2010)

Food waste processor (2010)

The Green Lunch Charter (2010)

In response to the Green Lunch, reduce the food waste (2010)