Message from Principal

Message from Principal

Dear Parents and students,


I welcome you all to this, our big, happy LMC family. With our new academic year being but a little over a month old, I hope everyone is settling in well and that you have made lots of new friends and met all of your subject teachers. For our new P1s who are joining us this year, we consider you as little ‘blank canvases’ and we so look forward to adding some colour to your lives and hope that we can all become good friends with lots of common interests.


Having 27 different nationalities in our school, we have formed our very own mini “United Nations” characterised by our focus on multi-culturism and mutual love and understanding. Teachers and students here are all eager to embrace the school’s core values of “Love, Respect, Diligence and Integrity”, and actively work together to create a pleasant learning environment based upon these values. “I learn because I am happy” is an important educational philosophy I have always upheld, and it is our common wish that every child learns happily at our school. The physical and mental health of the children in our care demands our love and care. The potential of children is unlimited and we, as educators, must help them to explore and develop. My teachers and I are all committed to providing varied opportunities for our children to develop different talents and abilities. To this end we have organised different activities for students to join, such as skipping, ice hockey, volleyball, basketball, football, martial arts, gymnastics, swimming, choir groups and choral speaking to name a few. I strongly believe that children are like a flawless jade that they will be able to gain happiness, confidence and success when they are polished and sculpted. They can shine their own way in life. I hope that parents can spend more time on their children and communicate encouragingly with them. Communication and praise are key to building a happy and positive life for our children.


Lunch time is the time I look forward to the most every day. I get to spend time with my children, and listen to them talking about their school life, homework troubles, home worries, all about their new skills, and even get to share their favorite things with them. Having lunch with them is the warmest moment ever.


“There is nothing more heart-warming than the sincerity and touch of the children.” I have been engaged in education for nearly 30 years. I have a deep understanding of this and know that a child’s trust and attachment to the adults the encounter, cannot be disappointing. “The relationship between people is based on honesty.” The relationship between teachers and students and the relationship between teachers and parents are the same. LMCites “humanity” is long-lasting and fragrant, and full of human touch. It is the foundation for a beautiful and happy campus. I am very pleased that again and again, our graduates still take the time to return to their primary school to share their experiences with their old teachers and to take pictures with them. A school that is loved and supported by alumni, parents, teachers and students is the direction in which we have been working.


“To treat people with sincerity and to learn with sincerity” is the determination of LMC education. I sincerely hope that parents will fully trust and support our work. I am convinced that there are two kinds of people who are the most remarkable and unselfish, they are parents and teachers. Both of these want children to be better than them. Children are always parents’ children, and students are always teachers’ students. LMC brings together you and I. Long may we work hard and strive to create quality education and a better tomorrow for Hong Kong.


Ms. Man

the Principal


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