Positions Parent Committee
Chairlady Ms. NGAI Shan Ting
(Mother of P.6A CHUE Tsz Ning)
Vice-chairlady Ms. Yvonne WONG
(Mother of P.3D NG Shu Lam Sharon)
Secretary  Ms. Seirene OOI
(Mother of P.4C CHAN Yuen Yin and P.6D CHAN Ho Chit)
Treasurer Ms. CHAN Peggy Hoi Yan
(Mother of P.4D LEUNG Ngai Sum)
Auditor Mr. Solomon CUTLER
(Father of P.6C CUTLER Oalana Virtue)
Liaison Officer Ms. May KAM
(Mother of P.4B HO Tsz Chun)
Recreation Officer Ms. TSANG Yin Yuk
(Mother of P.4C TSOI Kwan Ting)


Positions Teacher Committee
Consultant Principal Ms. Jessica MAN
Vice-chairperson Vice-principal Ms. Daisy WONG
Secretary Ms. Zakia KHAN
Treasurer Ms. Cassie SHEN
Liaison Officer Ms. Anne AN
Recreation Officer Mr. Henry KAO
General Affairs Officer Mr. Patrick PAT
Ms. Ringo TONG