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Transfer Students Admission Application of 2022-2023 (Primary 2 to Primary 6)


15th June, 2022

Dear Parents,

Please read the following schedule regarding the transfer student admission application of 2022-2023. 敬請細閱以下有關申請2022-2023學年之插班生入學注意事項:

  1. Please make an appointment for individual written test day with our office on phone from 30th June to 20th July, 2022. 請於本年六月三十日至七月二十日期間致電本校校務處,預約個人筆試考核日期。
  2. The individual written test can only be arranged during 4th to 21st July, 2022. No other dates will be entertained. 本校只於本年七月四日至二十一日期間安排個人筆試時間,其他日子恕不安排。
  3. Please click here to download an application form and submit the completed form to the office on your scheduled written test day. 請按此下載插班生入學申請表格,填妥後,請於已預約之筆試當天交回本校校務處。
  4. The school will contact the applicants who are offered a chance of an interview from 27th to 29th July, 2022. 如獲面試機會之申請者,本校將於二零二二年七月二十七日至二十九日致電通知有關面試安排。
  5. Schools are places where students study and engage in activities. The EDB requires that starting from 24/2/2022, save for those exempted, parents, caretakers and volunteers will be required to present vaccination records prior to their entry into school premises, based on the schedule of the “Vaccine Pass”. Furthermore, all visitors should use “LeaveHomeSafe” application each time they enter school premises by 24/2/2022 and thereafter. Both “Vaccine Pass” and “LeaveHomeSafe” arrangements do not apply to students. 學校是學生學習和參與活動的地方。教育局要求由二零二二年二月二十四日起,除獲豁免人士外,所有到訪者(包括家長、照顧者和義工)須出示2019冠狀病毒病疫苗接種記錄,才可進入學校。接種疫苗要求以當天之「疫苗通行證」為準。此外,所有訪客在二零二二年二月二十四日及之後每次進入校舍時都應使用「安心出行」應用程序。「疫苗通行證」和「安心出行」的安排均不適用於學生。
  6. In response to the COVID-19 outbreaks, all school staff will complete the COVID-19 rapid antigen test as usual on the morning of every school day, and return to school only after obtaining a negative result. The school also recommends parents and students take a rapid antigen test at home before attending the interview on that day, and come for the interview only after a negative result is obtained. 為保障各人的健康,本校全體員工每個上課日早上如常完成2019冠狀病毒病快速 抗原測試,並取得陰性結果才回校。本校亦建議各位家長及學童在蒞臨本校面試前,於家中進行快速抗原測試,獲得陰性結果後才前來參加面試。


Thank you for your attention.


Admission Offices 入學申請辦事處:

P.1-3: Office of Farm Road Campus 農圃道校務處 小一至小三年級 (Tel 電話: 2755 7799)
P.4-6: Office of Sheung Heung Road Campus 上鄉道校務處 小四至小六年級 ( (Tel 電話: 2712 1270)


Office hours 辦公時間:

9:00am to 4:00pm (Monday to Friday 星期一至五)
9:00am to 1:00pm (Saturday 星期六)
Lunch hour午膳時間:12:30pm to 1:30pm ( Monday to Friday 星期一至五 )
Off on Sundays and Public Holidays 星期日及公眾假期休息

Application for the 2nd term of School Year of 2022-2023 Entry will be posted in December, 2022. 有關2022-2023年度第二學期入學申請將於2022年12月公佈。


Medium of instruction in LMC 本校教學語言:

English is used as the medium of instruction for teaching all subjects, except Chinese Language which is conducted in Putonghua in all the levels. 除中文科外,所有科目均以英語授課。華語學生及非華語學生之中文科則以普通話授課。