Aims of the Subject:

  • To develop creativity and the ability to appreciate music, and to effectively communicate through music.
  • To nurture aesthetic sensitivity and cultural understandings.
  • To develop music skills, construct knowledge in music, and cultivate positive values and attitudes.
  • To gain enjoyment and satisfaction through participating in musical activities.
  • To pursue a life-long interest in and the valuing of music.

Members of the Subject:

Panels Farm Road Campus:
Ms. Vanessa WONG

Sheung Heung Road Campus:
Mr. Penny PO
Subject Teachers Farm Road Campus:
Ms. Daisy WONG, Ms. Vanessa WONG,
Ms. Ashley WONG, Ms. Angie YANG

Sheung Heung Road Campus:
Mr. Penny PO, Ms. Khristayle Joy TAN

Major Activities of the Subject:

Theme Learning: Instrumental lessons

Singing contest and festival celebration

Music performance

Achievement of the Subject: 

Name of competition Awards
GalaMusica‧School Creative Works 2020 1. Outstanding Performance Prize

2. Outstanding Creative Ideas Prize

Hong Kong Inter-School Choral Festival 2020 1. Primary School Senior Choir – Silver Award

2. Primary School Junior Choir – Silver Award

The 23rd World Championships of Performing Arts – World Final 1. Vocal Solo (Pop Junior Group) – Silver Award

2. Vocal Solo (Open Group) – Bronze Award

3. Catwalk (Junior Group) – Gold Award

4. Catwalk (Junior Group) – Division Champion

Join School Music Competition 2020 1. Primary School Piano Solo – Silver Award 4C Cheng Nga Yin

2. Primary School Piano Junior – Silver Award 2C Mohammed Yunnus Khera

Hong Kong Music and Performing Art Association Online Music Competition 2020 Grade 1 Piano Solo – 3rd Place 2C Mohammed Yunnus Khera
The 10th Asia Pacific Outstanding Youth Piano Competition 2020 Piano Solo – Young Children Intermediate Class 3rd Place

2C Mohammed Yunnus Khera

Online Learning Resources of the Subject: