Aims of the Subject:

  • To develop creativity and the ability to appreciate music, and to effectively communicate through music.
  • To nurture aesthetic sensitivity and cultural understandings.
  • To develop music skills, construct knowledge in music, and cultivate positive values and attitudes.
  • To gain enjoyment and satisfaction through participating in musical activities.
  • To pursue a life-long interest in and the valuing of music.

Members of the Subject:

Consultant Mr. Penny PO
Panels Mr. Penny PO, Ms. Khristayle Joy TAN
Convenor Ms. Angie YANG
Subject Teachers Farm Road Campus:

Ms. Daisy WONG, Ms. Kitty CHENG,

Ms. Angie YANG, Ms. Gloria SO

Sheung Heung Road Campus:

Mr. Penny PO, Ms. Khristayle Joy TAN,

Ms. Loukas QIAN

Major Activities of the Subject:

Theme Learning: Instrumental lessons

Singing contest and festival celebration

Music performance

Achievement of the Subject: 

Name of competition Awards
韓國亞洲音樂藝術家大賽(釜山) 2020香港區選拔賽 鋼琴三級組 – 季軍 5C LI Cheuk Ting Angie
香港音樂才華演藝大賽 2nd Runner-up 4B YEUNG Hei Pang
2021 Elmer Talent Hong Kong Student Piano Competition Age 9-12 Piano Solo – Bronze 4B YEUNG Hei Pang
MF Music Competition 2021 Piano J2 Class – 3rd Place 4B YEUNG Hei Pang
Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association
  1. Bronze Award x 7
  2. Silver Award x 15
  3. Silver Award (3rd Place) – Flute Solo 6C LAM Bok Man
  4. Gold Award (2nd Place) – Grade 3 Piano Solo 4A LAM Hau Yin
第五屆(台灣)亞洲‧愛琴海藝術講堂及音樂大賽 – 香港區選拔賽 鋼琴四級組 – 亞軍 4B YEUNG Hei Pang
The 5th Hong Kong Music Talent Music Competition Group P6C Piano – Children Intermediate – 3rd Place 4A LAM Ho Chit Ryan
  1. 英國皇家鋼琴5級考試組 – 傑出音樂家銀獎 4A LAM Ho Chit Ryan
  2. 學屆鋼琴組 – 小四至小六 – 傑出音樂家金獎4A LAM Ho Chit Ryan

Online Learning Resources of the Subject: