Aims of the Subject:

  • To maintain the interest of students in the learning of mathematics;
  • To develop students understanding and acquisition of basic mathematical concepts and computational skills;
  • To develop students’ creativity, and their ability to think, communicate and solve problems;
  • To develop students’ number sense and spatial sense, and their ability to appreciate patterns and structures of number and shapes;
  • To enhance students’ lifelong learning abilities through basic mathematical knowledge

Members of the Subject:

Consultant Ms. Natalie CHAN
Panels Farm Road Campus:

Ms. Irene YIP

Sheung Heung Road Campus:

Ms. Jessica LAW

Subject Teachers Farm Road Campus:

Ms. Irene YIP, Ms. Iris WAN, Ms. Shirley NG, Mr. Leo LEE,

Ms. Vanessa WONG, Ms. Cecilia FAN, Mr. Marcus WONG

Sheung Heung Road Campus:

Ms. Jasmine LAM, Ms. Natalie CHAN, Ms. Jessica LAW,

Ms. Candy CHAN, Mr. Patrick NG, Mr. Anthony MA, Mr. Horace LAU, Ms. Irene CHEN, Ms. Joey LAI

Major Activities of the Subject:

e-learning (Math apps)

Math Fiesta

Math Competitions

Achievement of the Subject: 

Name of competition Awards No. of winners
  • 全國總決賽 (postponed to Oct 2020 due to school suspension)
  • 晉級賽特等獎、一等獎、二等獎、三等獎
  • 初賽一等獎、二等獎、三等獎
  • To be announced
  •  19
  • 74
HKMO & AIMO Open Contest
  • Pass (Only “Pass” award for all – as it was changed to online competition due to school suspension)
  • 103

Catering for Learner Diversity

  • School Teams & Public Competitions
    • Dart Class,
    • Olympiad Mathematics Elite Team Classes,
    • 華夏盃全國數學奧林匹克邀請賽,
    • 香港小學數學滿貫盃,
    • HKMO & AIMO Open Contest,
    • World Class Tests,
    • 全港Rummikub 聯校小學邀請賽,
    • 全港小學數學挑戰賽,
    • 香港小學數學精英選拔賽,
    • 「全港少年數多酷 (數獨)大賽」,
    • Math Conceptition全港數學大激鬥
  • Activities
    Math Fiesta
  • Remedial & Enhancement Classes, 2-P.6 Extra Math Classes
  • 2-P.5 Math Little Tutor Scheme

Online Learning Resources of the Subject: