Chinese (for Non-Chinese Students)

Chinese (for Non-Chinese Students)

Aims of the Subject本科宗旨:

  • 加強學生「基本人際溝通能力」,掌握一些中文基本生活語彙和語言習慣;
    Improve students’ ” interpersonal communication skills” and know some basic Chinese words.
  • 掌握漢字的基本結構,學習部件、部首等概念,提高認讀中文字和書寫中文字能力;
    Get the structure of Chinese characters, learn concepts such as components and radicals, improve the ability of reading and writing.
  • 提高學生學習本科的興趣和自學的能力;
    Improve students’ interest of this major and the ability of self-study.
  • 提高學生的閱讀興趣,增加閱讀量,積累知識和語言材料,拓寬視野和胸襟;
    Improve students’ interest of reading, increase their reading volume, garner  knowledge information , widen their horizons.
  • 體認中華文化,多了解中國及身處的香港社會環境和民俗文化,以便更好地融入社區生活;
    Experience Chinese culture, learn more about Hong Kong’s folk culture,blend into  community society.
  • 培養學生良好品德,加強對社群的責任感。
    Develop good morals and strengthen responsibility of community.

Medium of instruction授課語言:

The Chinese subject for NCS students have GW lessons and listening speaking lessons.  Putonghua is the teaching language.

Members of the Subject 本科團隊:

Ms. Daisy WONG 黃嘉茵副校長
Farm Road Campus 農圃道校舍:
Ms. Cassie SHEN 申龍主任

Sheung Heung Road Campus 上鄉道校舍
Ms. Samantha CHEN 陳姍姍老師
Subject Teachers
Farm Road Campus 農圃道校舍:
Ms. Daisy WONG 黃嘉茵副校長、Ms. Cassie SHEN 申龍主任、
Mr. Bob WONG 王一博老師、Ms.Gretchen GAO 高夢媛老師

Sheung Heung Road Campus 上鄉道校舍
Ms.Samantha CHEN 陳姍姍老師、Ms. Grace TU 涂春蕾老師、
Ms. Renda CHAN 陳彥融老師、Ms. Anne SO 蘇穎儀老師

Major Activities of the Subject本科主要活動:




Achievement of the Subject 本科學生成就:

  • 2019-2020 非華語學生中文寫作比賽—榮獲小四組季軍1人、小六組季軍1人
    2019-2020 Chinese Writing Competition for Non-Chinese Speaking Students
    -1 third runner-up in the Primary 4 Group and 1 third runner-up in the Primary 6 Group
  • 2020-2021全港親子普通話朗誦比賽—非華語組冠軍1人、亞軍1人、季軍1人、殿軍1人
    2020-2021 Hong Kong Parent-Child Mandarin Recitation Competition
    -non-Chinese language category-1 champion, 1 runner-up, 1 third place, 1 forth place
  • 「九龍西區飛躍非華語小學生中文學習獎勵計劃」2020/21—中文傑出表現獎4人、飛躍進步獎1人
    “Kowloon West District Feiyue Chinese Learning Award Scheme for
    Non-Chinese Speaking Primary School Students”2020/21
    -4 Chinese Outstanding Performance Award and 1 Feiyue Progress Award

Catering for Learner Diversity 照顧學生學習多樣性:

  • 一至六年級皆使用校本課程,校本單元貼近生活,從聽、説、讀、寫、語文知識、品德和文化全面提升學生的中文能力。
    From 1 to 6 grades, students use school-based courses, which is close to daily life, comprehensively improve students’ ability of listening, speaking, reading, writing.
  • 二至五年級設有課後輔導班,以輔導學生的功課。
    After-school tutoring classes is available for 2 to 5 grades.
  • 設有非華語學生午間中文活動,培養學生對學習中文的興趣。
    In lunch time , there are Chinese activities for non-Chinese speaking students.

Online Learning Resources of the Subject 本科網上學習資源:

香港小學學習字詞表The vocabulary list for primary schools in Hong Kong:

Summary of support for non-Chinese speaking students to learn Chinese and construct an inclusive campus 支援非華語學生學習中文及建構共融校園情況摘要:

2020/21 學年為非華語學生提供的教育支援 學校支援摘要

Education Support Provided for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Student(s) School Support Summary for the 2020/21 School Year