Aims of the Subject:

  • To build up whole school reading culture
  • To increase the reading motivation and self-learning ability of students in order to enhance students’ self-cultivation
  • To provide resources and support to students and teachers in learning and teaching

Members of the Subject:


Farm Road Campus:

Ms. Ivy NGAI

Sheung Heung Road Campus:

Ms. Anne AN

Subject Teachers

Farm Road Campus:

Ms. Phoebe OU

Ms. Fanny FU

Ms. Ginny CHIU

Ms. Tiffany CHAN

Ms. Tina PANG


Sheung Heung Road Campus:

Ms. Samantha CHEN

Ms. Grace TU

Ms. Renda CHAN

Mr. Tony LAM

Ms. Rayna JI

Mr. Kelvin LUETHI


Ms. Wing WONG

Mr. T. PUN

Ms. Apple PANG


Major Activities of the Subject:

Reading Week

Theme Reading

Learning and doing

Achievement of the subject:

  • 「新雅全港小學生閱讀報告寫作比賽 2018」獲獎者:
  • 香港原創高小文字組 : 亞軍 蔡宗賢 《搜爆三犬子》
  • 中文閱讀報告高小文字組 : 亞軍 張暘昕 《李時珍》
  • 中文閱讀報告高小文字組 : 季軍 陳彦朗 《媽媽的愛,有幾斤?》

Online Learning Resources of the Subject:

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