Chinese (for Non-Chinese Students)

Chinese (for Non-Chinese Students)

Aims of the Subject:

  • To enhance students’ Chinese reading and writing skills and to help them master basic components of Chinese characters including basic strokes, some simple radicals and the components of traditional Chinese characters;
  • To provide students with realistic practise that develops students communicative skills in Putonghua;
  • To arouse students’ interest in learning about the Chinese language and develop their self-learning skill;
  • To arouse students’ interest in the Chinese language through Chinese books with the aim being of increasing the student vocabulary and expanding student knowledge.
  • To provide an opportunity for NCS to learn more about Chinese Culture, society and the customs relevant to the communities they live in.

Members of the Subject:


Ms. Daisy WONG


Farm Road Campus:Ms. Cassie SHEN

Sheung Heung Road Campus:Ms. Samantha CHEN

Subject Teachers

Farm Road Campus:

Ms. Kristina LAU

Ms. Ivy NGAI

Sheung Heung Road Campus:

Ms. Sarah NG

Ms. Renda CHAN

Ms. Grace TU

Mr. Tony LAM

Major Activities of the Subject:

talentcompetitionforethnicminority Talent Competition for Ethnic Minority Students

Celebration for Chinese New Year

Chinese Culture Experience Day

Online Learning Resources of the Subject: